Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin

I say Greg Mortensen should get the Nobel Peace Prize if he is being considered and if he is not being considered, he should certainly be considered!

 Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin

New York Time Best Seller – Book review

 As many of us do, I tell myself that education is the one thing that changes everything, education will make the most significant difference.  I believe this to be true, so easy to say.  Voting for bond issues does not really show that much conviction for an issue.  At best, a passive sort of action around a key value.  Greg Mortensen is one person who saw the need for education and took it on.  He saw the poorest children with no teachers and no schools.  He became passionate and committed to the cause of education in the remotest regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  His mission was and is non-extremist education and he has built 130 schools; educating 51,000 students, a dream driven by focused purpose.  This has and will make a difference, one we may not be able to measure easily, though truly a monumental difference.

 Three Cups of Tea chronicles this journey, the unlikely beginning and the continued dedication to this mission.  A mountaineer’s 1993 failed attempt to climb Pakistan’s K2 mountain peak, turned near fatal. The villagers of Korphe, a very poor, remote village, nursed Greg Mortensen back to health. Without this nurturing and care, Greg’s life purpose would not have been born. His eyes opened to see children without the basic tools for an education. Greg committed to his benefactors that he would return to build a school in their remote, isolated village. And yes, one person did deliver, one person has made an unimaginable difference where others have made attempts and failed.  One person has delivered in areas where we as a country have thrown money without results. Navigating the physical challenges of this undertaking is one thing, the rugged terrain requires courage and determination. Additionally the barriers of culture and language must be worked through daily in a country where values, beliefs, and traditions are so different from the West. Of the three cups of tea, Haji Ali, the village chief of Korphe says with the first cup of tea you are a stranger, with the second you become a friend, with the third you join the family.  Patience and persistence, these attributes have been foundational to Greg’s success.

One person can make a change in the world.  A very inspiring and hopeful message.

Greg Mortensen is now Executive Director of the non-profit, the Central Asia Institute.  His message has been made available in a young reader’s addition and also a children’s picture book, Listen to the Wind written by Greg Mortensen and Susan L. Roth.

 Three Cups of Tea, Promoting Peace, One School, One Child at a Time.  Greg Mortensen, certainly a more than worthy individual for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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