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Many of us have been through a job search in the last few years. There are so many issues to deal with in career transition, not the least of which is what to do next? Go after the same sort of job? Does that job still exist? Even if I manage to land a similar job by some good fortune, will it exist for long or for long enough? How long is long enough? Do I still like the work? What kind of work culture do I prefer? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves as we begin this process.

As career consultants, we encourage our clients to take a careful look at these questions and also take this time to re-look at their own values. What is important in their lives at this point in time? Does their work align with their values? It’s a very appropriate time to reflect on what is important to us individually. This leads us to talk about job search as an opportunity, focusing on the opportunity of job search instead of the problem of job search. It certainly is a mix. There are clients who later see job loss as a gift, a gift of time to re-think their lives, a gift that allowed them to see new possibilities for themselves, and a gift that caused them to find a better place.

I heard a quote today that caught my attention, in an interview Tavis Smiley said “a pink slip can light a fire.” Sometimes that is the case. We see clients re-look and shift the direction of their lives. Many times the isolation and introspection of the job search process leads us to act on what deeply matters to us. We weigh the pros and cons of making purposeful changes in our lives. We re-center our lives based on our values.

While these introspective activities are of great importance, it is also true that, in job search and career transition, we need to spend time with others face to face. Isolation in job search in particular is dangerous. Getting out and interacting with others is important to our outlook and to our results. This talking with others, building relationships and networking is important to our career development. Even with Facebook, LinkedIn, Brazen Careerist, online chats giving us online venues to converse with others regularly, our communication in those venues is not the same as face to face. We need both. We can be isolated from real humans even in our online busy-ness these days. The joy and satisfaction of discussions with live human beings cannot be denied. You know those passionate conversations that leave you thinking new thoughts and fully energized?

These are some of the issues we have been talking about at Roseto Group, so we decided to put together a venue to support the community and promote face-to-face real discussions.  Roseto Group will be hosting a series of salon discussions in Silicon Valley.  The salon format will include a gathering of panelists and attendees for conversation and exchange of ideas. Our vision is to host a panel of around 5 or so persons for topical discussions on a regular basis. Our purpose is to bring people together for a sharing of thoughts around a central topic to provide a platform for community conversations.

Our first Salon will be held in San Jose on June 20th. For this pilot session, our subject is “The Impact of the On-going Unemployment Crisis on Our Lives.” There is hardly a person or family that has not been affected in some way during these last few years. We have lined up an excellent panel of seven individuals who will speak about how their personal and professional lives have been impacted by the economic crisis that started in 2008. They will each share their thoughts, feelings and learnings.

Each panelist brings a different perspective to the on-going unemployment crisis. Some of them have lost their jobs and are in the process of re-defining the next chapter in their lives and careers. Some of them have switched to new jobs. Others have had to adjust to a different work atmosphere, even though they were one the few “lucky ones” to keep the same job. Others have seen a much tougher market in which to do business. Each will talk about the impact these situations have had on their personal and professional lives… how has their life changed? Is there a fundamental shift in their life priorities? Based on what they have experienced and learned, what are they doing differently now?

Talking to others and bouncing ideas off them, helps each of us to explore and re-look at issues affecting our own life experience. It helps in possibly shifting our perspective or inspiring and motivating us. Increase your community, if you are in the south bay, join us in person, RSVP at

Come to our salon and reach out to one another, join the conversation, express yourself, and be heard.

About Roseto Group:
Roseto Group is a business and technology consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a coalition of experts in diverse fields offering customized solutions for our clients’ career and business needs. Our services include: Career and Leadership Coaching; Talent Development and Training; Logo, Web design and Social media; Software Engineering Quality and Process; Product Management; Branding and Marketing.

Ann Smith is a professional trainer and consultant focusing on career strategies, leadership and communication and employee engagement.

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