Love It or Despise It: Read This About the Power of Golf!

July 18th, 2011 No Comments
We are continually reminded that relationships drive business. Building relationships brings us customers, building relationships leads us to new job opportunities. A crazy thing I’ve always told my job search clients is that if they play golf, they should play a lot of golf during job search. They are thrilled that it is really a job search activity. I even had a client who barely finished his resume before he was offered a job through a friend of a friend on the golf course. The power of the dynamic of talking, starting relationships, and continuing relationships on the golf course cannot be denied.
Consider a round of golf, somewhere in the four hour range, walking the course, relaxing (for some anyway), you naturally bond with your fellow players. Relationships shift markedly once you play golf. You have a connection with someone you have just spent a significant amount of time with. No wonder a lot of business happens on the golf course, after games, in-between games. It becomes easy to call your fellow golfers, talk to them, no giant reason needed, just a little golf talk. You have a starting point, a commonality, a foundation together.
This dynamic is well known. In addition to job search, the general healthfulness of being outside and the business benefits cannot be over emphasized. Of course, it’s not just golf, it can be other activities. In Silicon Valley a lot can happen on a mountain bike ride; deals are made. No matter what your interest, the point is, do what you enjoy doing with other people. With other people, that is the key to more business and more opportunity.

During job search, there is a huge danger of isolation. It’s easy to get depressed in front of the computer sending out resumes, customizing and re-wording, waiting for responses that may never come. The job opportunities happen when you are out and about. Face-to- face networking is certainly an important piece of the job search project, even with LinkedIn and online networking groups; all venues are important. While I focus on golf here because of it’s natural networking flow, there are many other options. Tennis, music, soccer, any group activity really, the kid’s activities; you talk, you bond, you build relationships. Everyone needs to know what you do, what kinds of things you are interested in and what you are good at. Where will this lead? That’s the puzzle, we do not know. It’s a beautiful thing.

We do know that employers prefer to hire people who have been refered by their current employees, so it pays to get to know people in companies you would like to work for. It’s not just while you are actively seeking another position that networking matters, it is important on a continual basis, staying on people’s radar – top of mind – you want them to think of you when they hear of a position or a project that would be a fit for you. Contact others regularly, don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, take the initiative to start the relationship and keep it going. And if you ever thought you’d like to take up golf, right now is a great time!


Ann Smith is a professional trainer and consultant focusing on career strategies, leadership and communication and employee engagement.



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