Yvonne Liu started Roseto Group in late 2009 with a simple mission to empower thinkers in her San Francisco Bay Area community to voice and practice their innovative ideas on leadership, business management, technology and design.  The name “Roseto” is from “Roseto effect”, the stunning discovery that emotional nurturing from one’s community could reduce cardiac mortality rate. Yvonne believes that imagination and ideas too, are inspired, nurtured and polished through interactions with peers. To that aim, Members of Roseto Group meet regularly to share their ideas, and to transform good ideas into good services for their clients.  This group uses their blog “Roseto Sprouts” to communicate these ideas with the world-wide web community at large and get feedback to include global views. Carrying out the theme of community, a group from diverse backgrounds, including, Yvonne Liu, Ann Smith, Jill Li, Joyce Kawasaki, Lea Cox, A. Dean Chacon and Merlin Dorfman worked at varying capacities to launch this effort.

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